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10 Best Toys for Dogs With Anxiety in 2022

Toys can be great to help reduce your dogs anxiety. Join us as we discuss working dogs, anxiety, and the best toys to help reduce it.


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Discover the perfect herding ball for your working dog and unleash their natural herding instincts while ensuring hours of entertainment and stimulation.


6 Best Chew Toys for Energetic Dogs in 2022

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How to Build Trust With Working Dogs To Reduce Stress

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Traits and behaviors of working dogs by Veterinarian Dr Mohsin Iqbal:


Herding Dog Breeds – Traits and Behavior Problems

Herding dogs are the most versatile, with unique traits that make them perfect for herding livestock. While these dogs can make excellent pets, they exhibit certain troublesome behaviors that can be difficult to manage.


Guard and Military Dogs – Traits and Behavior Problems

Guard dogs are often misunderstood, and their behavior problems are commonly mishandled by dog owners. Gaining an understanding of the most frequent canine behavioral issues is key to solving them and preventing future ones.


Hunting Dog – Traits and Behavior Problems

Out of all dog breeds, hunting dogs have developed more problematic behaviors. These dogs are bred and trained to hunt; when they don’t perform as desired, they can become agitated and destructive. As a result, many pet owners find themselves struggling with these animals’ behavior.