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We celebrate the lifestyle and promote the best of animal welfare for those lucky enough to be sharing their life with very smart, high-energy, working dogs.

EnergeticDogs is a community of like-minded dog owners with a passion for animal welfare and animal health from a family lifestyle perspective. 

We have seen over the past decade a large growth in families with working dogs as pets. Working dogs can make an amazing family pet, however, we must understand that these dogs have been bred with jobs in mind. This selective breeding often gives working dogs peculiarities driven by the types of jobs they were bred to do. This website is a resource to assist with recognizing these peculiarities, and learning to work with them, train them, and exercise them, so your dog is set up for success. 

EnergeticDogs.com will help your dog find its place in the world, and as owners help them work through their stresses and peculiarities.

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