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Our selection of suggested products for meeting the mental and physical needs of a young well-balanced working dog


Crate training is very important for high-energy working dogs as it gives them a place to relax and work through their stresses. For more information about crate training benefits, read this article by veterinarian Dr. Mohsin Iqbal. To pick the best crate, please read our article on the best crate equipment for crate training your puppy.


Kong Chew Toy

Training your working dog to chew is a great way to relieve stress. Kong is a great method for training long chew sessions. For more information about the benefits of chewing for high-energy working dogs, read this article by veterinarian Dr. Mohsin Iqbal. Or follow this link for more information about the Kong Chew Toy.

Kong Original 3

Nylon Lead

A good quality Nylon lead is essential for your dogs safety. We suggest nylon over leather or other material as its very strong and does not degrade in the same manner. See links for suggest products on Amazon;

– normal length walking lead 

– 20f and longer training lead 

– or try one that is a bit more  premium

Dog on nylon lead

Strong Nylon Collar

A good quality strong nylon collar is very important also as it gives you something to grab and hold. Even for a puppy, we suggest an adult-sized collar, cut down to fit, as this gives them something substantial around their neck and they can get used to it. Nylon is the preferred material as it does not degrade over time. As long as the buckle is strong, any adult-sized nylon collar will work well. See links for suggested products on Amazon;

– CollarDirect Reflective Dog Collar

Premium Nylon Dog Collar with Metal Buckle

Comfortable Dog Collar with Double Security Dual D-Ring

Adult Nylon Collar

Gentle leader

The gentle leader is a great technology for training to walk on a lead. Instead of securing the collar which is easy enough for dogs to learn to pull on, the Gentle Leader secures the dog’s head, making pulling uncomfortable. One dog trainer explained that using a Gentle Leader instead of a regular collar is like driving a car with power steering, everything is just easier. Once dog is trained can use a regular collar without pulling. Click on this link to check out Gente Leader on Amazon.

Gentle Leader

Flirt Pole

A flirt pole is a great piece of equipment for physically exhausting your energetic dog. It’s a game that your dog will love, it will improve your bond as you play together, and can be very easy and cheap to make. It is a stick, with a rope and something soft tied to the end for your dog to chase. For our suggestion, check out our review from the article 10 Best Toys for Dogs With Anxiety.

Flirt Pole dog exercise3

Ball Launcher

With exercise being of such importance for a well balanced high-energy working dog, a ball launcher is such an important toy that we recommend it for everyone. Most dogs love catch, and being able to launch the ball further means more running and exercise for your dog. For our selection of the best ball launcher visit 10 Best Toys for Dogs With Anxiety.

Chuckit Toy

Chew Toy

As discussed above for the Kong Chew Toy, chewing is very important for an energetic dog to work through stress. For a deep dive into the benefits of chewing for high-energy working dogs visit our article written by veterinarian Dr. Mohsin Iqbal. Also for a selection of our picks for best chew toys visit our article reviewing the best Chew Toys for energetic dogs.


Treat Pouch

Treat Tote is the best pouch and the only one that I recommend. Its made by Chuck It, a brand that we have highlighted before with the ChuckIt FlyingSquirrel and ChuckIt Ball Launcher. This treat pouch is the best because it sits off your hip and does not stick out like the rest of them. Click for Amazon link to Treat Tote

Treat Tote

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