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Ensure your working dog has vitamins, minerals required for their high energy lifestyle plus the ability to turn their energy off


How Supplements Help Calm an Overactive or Anxious Dog

Read this article by Veterinarian Dr. Mohsin Iqbal who has done an extraordinary job explaining exactly what supplements your high-energy working dog needs for optimal performance.

Check out our supplement reviews by Dr. Mohsin Iqbal

CBD Hemp cover


Naturally reducing energy levels, inflammation, and pain. CBD is a great all-rounder

Relaxed Puppy

Anxiety and Calming

Reducing energy levels and anxiety (non CBD options)

elderly golden-retriever

Hip and Joint Pain

Reduce pain and improve mobility for dogs as they grow into old age

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Improve all-round health with a multivitamin to ensure your dog is absorbing all of the nutrients required


What to Avoid

  • Prior to providing your pup with any supplements, be sure to consult with a vet first. If an underlying medical condition requires treatment or if the dog is on other medications, they can provide you with accurate information regarding supplement dosage and which ones may pose potential risks.
  • Only buy supplements from a dependable and highly-respected company to ensure your pup’s health. Look for one that specializes in this area, has conducted clinical studies, or earned certification from an unbiased organization.
  • Additionally, don’t forget to check the label tag of any product you purchase – make sure it contains exactly the ingredients needed for your furry friend!
  • Supplements alone are not a comprehensive solution for dog behavior issues. While they may help to settle your pup’s mind and create the environment where training can occur, it is essential that you also utilize professional training methods to address underlying behavioral causes.
  • Beware of extravagant promises that are too good to believe. Supplements will not heal cancer, parvo, or any other severe illness.
  • Never presume that human supplements are beneficial for canines. Certain products, such as those containing Xylitol, can be hazardous to their health if ingested.